About Tobias Wood & Glass

From Craig McConchie - Master Craftsman and Founder

Craig’s first memory of a wood-working project was with his father, building a kite out of bamboo that had overgrown the backyard. This kite was entered into the First Smithsonian Kite Festival, held at the Washington Monument. They spent hours cutting and joining the bamboo, and covering the kite with fabric. Their only mistake was it was so heavy that it needed 40 MPH winds for it to fly. On the day of the contest Craig and a friend ran as fast as they could, got it about 10 feet off the ground, and won 1st prize for kite construction. It was certainly not for its aerodynamics.

Whether it be through summer construction jobs during college, an apprenticeship with a North Shore woodworker, or a twenty–two year career in home building and remodeling, Craig’s greatest joy has been to take a pile of wood and turn it into something beautiful, functional, and useful. Always in the back of his mind, there was a hope that there would be a time when he could pursue woodworking on a full-time basis.

Stained glass entered the picture for Craig through an adult education class at a local tech high school. Stained glass, with its seemingly endless varieties, opened all kinds of possibilities for furniture, combining the beauty of wood with complimenting colors and textures of glass.

Woodturning has only recently been added to Craig’s repertoire. A wood lathe was the only woodworking tool he had not used in all his years in woodworking and construction. After a couple of basic classes, he was hooked. Backyard trees have been turned into bowls and vases. Turning a chunk of wood into something that is both beautiful and functional brings great joy. If something on this website “suits your fancy” or you have an idea, please contact us.

“The desire for beauty, as well as the desire for freedom is in the heart of every Man”